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Beautiful Wedding Photography at Christ Church in Tarrytown, NY

August 20, 2015

Jackie & Derek – Dancing into the future

This newlywed couple knows how to party! Forget somber foxtrots and waltzes, Jackie and Derek got down with twerking, electronica and moves from the animated classic Dragon Ball Z. Derek’s Portuguese family smoothed it out with some traditional folk dancing, preparation for the couple’s Portuguese honeymoon. If all that dancing wasn’t colorful enough, Derek’s socks, the bridesmaids dresses, cupcakes and wedding cake glowed in vivid teal. And that crimson umbrella backdrop to Jackie’s satin gown outside Tarrytown’s stone Christ Church was a photographic stunner. The grey, cloudy weather didn’t stand a chance!

Beautiful wedding photography  at Washington Irving's Christ Church

Beautiful wedding photography at Washington Irving’s Christ Church

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