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Substance and Style at Westchester Women’s Bar

July 1, 2019

Judge Miller is known for her flashy fashion style. She is also well known for her extraordinary career in the legal profession where she established many firsts.

It was 1953 when Judge Miller entered Harvard Law School in the first class of women. She went on to be the first Democrat to win a contested election to the NY State Supreme Court in 100 years. In 1986 she was the first woman to be appointed as Associate Justice, Appellate Division, Second Department by then Governor Mario Cuomo. Judge Miller presided over what historically became known as the pink bench! For 23 years she worked to deliver justice for families and children. Her most significant accomplishment was her work on the 2010 no fault divorce bill. She continues to be a role model for numerous women lawyers and every member of the judiciary.

It was a thrill to pose Judge Miller in front of her 1961 Rambler American convertible at the Westchester Women’s Bar Association Annual Dinner where she was their honoree!

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