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Margaret Fox and Tim Grajek photography

Margaret Fox and Tim Grajek (photo by Laurie Lambrecht)

Margaret Fox

Margaret discovered her passion for photography as an undergraduate student, at CUNY Queens College where she studied with Marcia Resnick. She deepened her knowledge and practice at the Visual Studies Workshop, in Rochester, NY founded by renowned visual arts educator, Nathan Lyons where she earned her MFA. Her career as a fine art photographer grew to encompass business and education. Her formative years as a fine art photographer was the core of her strength in her commercial work and she successfully applies her creative aesthetic and artistic vision to every assignment. Read More

Tim Grajek

Tim has worked along side Margaret for fifteen years. He began using a camera in his early teens to provide reference for paintings and drawing projects. In High School he was the photographer and photo editor for the yearbook. In college, while pursuing his fine arts degree, he worked as the lab assistant in the fine art photography darkroom. After graduation he worked in a portrait photography studio as a retoucher, and as a freelance photojournalist and illustrator for the Detroit Sunday News Magazine and Monthly Detroit Magazine. After moving to NYC Tim’s career centered on illustration, but he never lost his love of photography Read More 

Margaret and Tim’s partnership started innocently enough, they met at a mutual friends wedding. As they started talking about their love for photography, they discovered that they both had fine arts degrees. That one common denominator was the cornerstone of a relationship both personal and professional. Today the collaboration between Margaret and Tim is seen in their partnership of Margaret Fox Photography. Their creative fine arts eye is evident in their work everywhere you look; in publications, hanging on gallery walls, websites and annual reports. They approach each and every project with a focus on the client from preliminary meetings to post-production. Your photos are their masterpieces.

Our clients include many fabulous families, and these wonderful organizations:

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