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Types of Photography Archives: Bat Mitzvah

Pleasantville Synagogue Bat Mitzvah

May 25, 2016

Mazel Tov Matthea!  

A bat mitzvah is the blossoming of a girl into womanhood, and Matthea took it literally! Her floral dress was worthy of Monet, and a hand-painted garden bloomed on her and her brother’s tallit. The buttercream walls of the Pleasantville Community Synagogue were the perfect canvas for it all, and later, more gardens bloomed in Ball jars amid confetti-strewn tables at Yonkers’ Hudson-graced X2O restaurant. We were thrilled to get Matthea’s mom’s note thanking us for “the stunning photos,” but such stunning visuals made it a piece of cake— a powder-blue-iced Red Velvet cake to be exact.

Matthea's Bat Mitzvah

Matthea’s Bat Mitzvah

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Julia Spenser’s Bat Miztvah

May 4, 2015

We are Family: I Have all My Brothers and Me – Bat Miztvah Photos

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, like weddings, are another family milestone we love to cover, and sometimes we’re lucky enough to feel like we’re members! Like with the Spensers. Over 8 years, we’ve shot all the son’s celebrations, while little sister Julia waited in the wings. Now that the angelic toddler has grown to a 13-year-old stunner, the wait’s over. Mazel tov, Julia! It’s these connections that, professionally and personally, bring us pleasure and joy.
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