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“We can always count on Margaret and Tim for turnkey, excellent photography, beginning with upfront direction on the proper setup to great execution under time constraints.”
– Jack Shea VP, Corporate Communications, Pernod Ricard USA

“These portraits are absolutely great.  You’ve again made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!”
– Stuart A. Rosenthal, Attorney at Law

“Thanks Margaret + Tim, Your warm and enthusiastic manner without being obtrusive added to both events, not to mention the wonderful photos that captured the energy of Gabe’s and Joseph’s Bar Mitzvah days.
– Yvonne Pollack

“Dear Margaret + Tim – Thanks for all your great work for NFTE through the years! Hope to work together again soon.”
– Suzanne Taylor, Director of Events, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

“Dear Margaret, Thank you for your all your time and patience. We appreciate everything you have done to make the memories of our wedding even more special.”
– Evelyn + Joel

“We really want YOU, please. It’s a complex day and I can depend on you to get it right.”
– Margaret Moulton, Public Programs Manager, Katonah Museum of Art

“Hi Margaret., You are and have always been…
– a pleasure to work with
– exceedingly professional
– highly talented
– super creative
– great with senior management
– very collaborative
– unbelievably responsive
– always consistent
– never a diva
– not at all obtrusive
– I can ALWAYS count on you!”
– Dana Donohue, Director of Global Branding, Praxair

Simon, Age 6

Thank You Scan

- Simon, age 6.

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