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Montauk, NY Nuptial

November 29, 2015

Kristin and Bryan – Beach Boys and Girls – Wedding Photography

Photos of Beach weddings are so often generic, all those palm trees and sand. Kristin and Bryan’s was anything but, with Montauk’s cliffs and lighthouse the unique backdrop. The Atlantic competed for sparkle with Kristin’s crystal-bedecked gown, and the breeze sparkled with, what else, Beach Boys tunes. It was a total family affair, with adorable nieces and nephews dispensing flowers and rings, Kristin’s aunt the officiant, and Bryan’s son a groomsman. At the reception, It was eyes that were sparkling with tears – ours included –  when Kristin’s dad toasted his instant new grandson.

Kristin & Bryan’s Wedding 2 from Margaret Fox on Vimeo.

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