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Sleepy Hollow Proposal – Lighthouse Love

September 3, 2019

We love surprise proposals when we can participate, not just observe. Demetri’s had us pouring champagne into his parents’ own wedding goblets and serenading a stunned Kasey with The Beatle’s “Here, There and Everywhere,” complete with guitar accompaniment. Talk about romantic: it doesn’t get much better than the Hudson riverscape at Sleepy Hollow’s Kingsland Point Park, with the couple’s sentimental favorite lighthouse as backdrop. It’s a setting they know well, going back to high school days, when Kasey’s crush on her fiancé began. Hey, we said it’s romantic!




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Miami Heat

July 1, 2016

Judit and Jeff:

The story reads like a rom-com script. A hot Miami bar, an exotic blonde reporter, vacationing buddies, an unwanted advance, an apology, long-distance separation, triumphant love. Judit, Argentina-born, was that reporter; Jeff, a visiting New Yorker apologizing to her for his alcohol-fueled friend who had touched her leg. It seems the apology was accepted, a year and a half later that included 7 months of long-distance dating, we shot their pre-wedding photos. The Hollywood ending happens this summer at Pocantico’s Chagall-windowed Union Church and Tarrytown’s DoubleTree Hotel.

Judit and Jeff

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In Love & On Camera – A Queens Botanical Garden Wedding Video

November 12, 2015

We’re moved at all the weddings we shoot, but at some, we’re teary! We’ve known Elaine for 25 years, and watching her meet her groom in the woodland fantasy of the Queens Botanical Garden, we struggled to keep our viewfinder dry. You’ll see why in the new video montage option we’ve just debuted: the bride regal in lace and mesh, the wedding party crossing the footbridge, the gazebo background, the rain of bubbles after the vows, the heartfelt toasts at the White Plains’ Ritz-Carlton Hotel reception. Elaine and Gary met through a cousin, and six years later, we were thrilled to feel part of the family.

Elaine & Gary Wedding Ceremony from Margaret Fox on Vimeo.

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