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Tarrytown, NY Pre-Wedding Photoshoot for Ivona & Tony

July 28, 2015

Clear skies ahead – Ivona & Tony – Pre-Wedding Photography

A rainy forecast means luck for droughts, deserts, and one specific couple. Three of Ivona and Tony’s milestones were drenched: their first Manhattan roof-top garden meeting, their one-year anniversary at that same romantic spot, and this summer’s pre-wedding photo shoot in Tarrytown. Ivona’s eyes may have gotten wet when Tony proposed at that anniversary dinner, but not Tony’s knee – it was pouring! The kneeling  tradition was postponed ’til another day, though next to a flat tire instead of a rooftop garden! Whatever works, we say. And by the way, the only waterworks on their July 4th Beacon wedding will be tears of joy.

Pre-wedding shoot in Tarrytown, NY

Pre-wedding shoot in Tarrytown, NY

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