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Beautiful Wedding Photography at Christ Church in Tarrytown, NY

August 20, 2015

Jackie & Derek – Dancing into the future

This newlywed couple knows how to party! Forget somber foxtrots and waltzes, Jackie and Derek got down with twerking, electronica and moves from the animated classic Dragon Ball Z. Derek’s Portuguese family smoothed it out with some traditional folk dancing, preparation for the couple’s Portuguese honeymoon. If all that dancing wasn’t colorful enough, Derek’s socks, the bridesmaids dresses, cupcakes and wedding cake glowed in vivid teal. And that crimson umbrella backdrop to Jackie’s satin gown outside Tarrytown’s stone Christ Church was a photographic stunner. The grey, cloudy weather didn’t stand a chance!

Beautiful wedding photography  at Washington Irving's Christ Church

Beautiful wedding photography at Washington Irving’s Christ Church

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Tarrytown, NY Pre-Wedding Photoshoot for Ivona & Tony

July 28, 2015

Clear skies ahead – Ivona & Tony – Pre-Wedding Photography

A rainy forecast means luck for droughts, deserts, and one specific couple. Three of Ivona and Tony’s milestones were drenched: their first Manhattan roof-top garden meeting, their one-year anniversary at that same romantic spot, and this summer’s pre-wedding photo shoot in Tarrytown. Ivona’s eyes may have gotten wet when Tony proposed at that anniversary dinner, but not Tony’s knee – it was pouring! The kneeling  tradition was postponed ’til another day, though next to a flat tire instead of a rooftop garden! Whatever works, we say. And by the way, the only waterworks on their July 4th Beacon wedding will be tears of joy.

Pre-wedding shoot in Tarrytown, NY

Pre-wedding shoot in Tarrytown, NY

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Tarrytown, NY – Keith & Stephanie’s Engagement Photo Session

May 30, 2015

Stephanie & Keith – Beneath a tree, love blooms

The Rockefeller Center tree is a tradition, and it became Stephanie and Keith’s too. They saw it the first year they dated, and the next two after that. That third time, while the lights twinkled on the tree, a diamond twinkled from Keith’s pocket. Now that’s what we call a happy holiday! Stephanie shouldn’t have been too shocked–  threes had been lucky for them before. They’d been dating almost three years, and their first dates were three in a row. It all started with dinner, when they talked until the restaurant closed for the night. We’re romantics, so we like to think it was about 3 a.m.!


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Jackie & Derek

June 19, 2014

Playing to Win – Engagement Photos

Games are Jackie and Derek’s passion — but not the teary kind. All that stress and strategy is strictly on-screen, the dirty work done by Super Smash Brothers or in Final Fantasy. Off-screen, calm and kindness reign for this couple, who met in the quiet of the Tarrytown’s Warner Library and who work as artists (Derek) and stuffed-animal and doll designers (Jackie). We took their engagement photos surrounded by wildflowers in a sun-kissed meadow: a definite fantasy, but not the final one: their wedding is set for this coming June.


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Carolyn and Brian

August 10, 2012

Palazzo on the Hudson – 20th Anniversary Photography

Though it wasn’t Venice’s Grand Canal in the background but Tarrytown’s Hudson, Carolyn and Brian’s 20th Anniversary dinner was just as romantic. Venice was where they met, and where Brian proposed, and that city’s magic was just as evident at The Castle’s hilltop garden. From the Terrace perch, the toasts flowed as gracefully as Carolyn’s bridal veil (we got our own toast of “Wow, the photos are awesome!” soon after), and we could have sworn we saw a gondola gliding past on the river below.


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