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Ossining Waterfront Covid Wedding – Carol and Clifford:

August 22, 2020

We shoot many weddings, but this was one for the ages. And we don’t mean the couple’s literal ages. Fifty years after Carol’s freshman enrollment at NJ’s Ramapo College and nine years after Clifford’s Professor retirement there, they graduated to husband and wife on the banks of the Hudson in Ossining’s Engel Waterfront park. The decades in between saw long marriages, widowhood, advanced degrees and illustrious careers. But last year, it was an ordinary college anniversary alumni survey that united them, with program committee member Cliff, now 79, stunned at her responses’ and accomplishments. He called Carol, now 78, invited her to visit the campus with him and meet the anniversary program committee, and the result found us a year later celebrating their marriage, as did The Patch; CBS, TV’s “Talk of the Table,” where Gayle King enthused that their story gave her hope; and The NY Times, which gave a guitar-strumming Tim a photographic cameo!





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Perkins Tower Nuptials – It’s Elementary!

December 1, 2019

We guess some things actually are destiny! Like meeting in Somers’ elementary school and marrying decades later.  From 5th grade on, Melissa and Dan stayed friends, through her setting him up with a long-term girlfriend, then through her two Peace Corps years in Guatemala. That’s when Dan’s friendship-to-romance revelation hit, and they made the switch as soon as she returned.  Fast forward four years to a mountaintop at Bear Mountain, where the lace-clad bride and her groom confirmed their friendship, and romance, for the decades ahead.


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Sleepy Hollow Proposal – Lighthouse Love

September 3, 2019

We love surprise proposals when we can participate, not just observe. Demetri’s had us pouring champagne into his parents’ own wedding goblets and serenading a stunned Kasey with The Beatle’s “Here, There and Everywhere,” complete with guitar accompaniment. Talk about romantic: it doesn’t get much better than the Hudson riverscape at Sleepy Hollow’s Kingsland Point Park, with the couple’s sentimental favorite lighthouse as backdrop. It’s a setting they know well, going back to high school days, when Kasey’s crush on her fiancé began. Hey, we said it’s romantic!




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Croton-on-Hudson Wedding – From Castles to Paradise

July 20, 2019

Fountains and orchids and ducks, oh my! If Lucia and Brian’s engagement was in a castle, their wedding was in paradise! That castle was Napa’s Castle of Love winery, where last summer Brian strategically placed a diamond atop their wine bottle. At their May wedding, that castle was traded for a villa, Croton-on Hudson’s Rivermere.  Lucia was a vision in satin and lace amidst Hudson views, flower-bedecked pools, a chorus of ducks and strolling peacocks. Like we said, paradise!



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26 Bridge Wedding – The nose knows!

February 2, 2019

Most weddings are pretty routine: flowers, ring bearer, vows. But clown noses, red wagons, costumes?  Allie and Josh’s Brooklyn event had them all. Those noses have been with them from first date to proposal to our pre-wedding shoot to ceremony, with extras for guests to pop on! And no ambling down the aisle for the flower girl—theirs was pulled in a wagon. If someone wanted to tone down their formal wear, the family childhood costume collection was available. Nope, not your typical affair, and not one any of us will soon forget.

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Twin Lakes Lodge, Hurley, NY – Truckin’ into the future

January 30, 2019

Andrea and Ben may have bonded over their Grateful Dead fandom, but their wedding was a far cry from psychedelic. OK, a Dead tribute band did serenade them, but roses and skulls were replaced by sunflowers and Andrea’s cascading waves. We don’t recall ever seeing a Victorian gazebo or Grecian wedding gown at a Dead concert either, though the Catskill’s Twin Lakes venue’s lawns could have parked a couple of beflowered old VW buses. Our wish for them: keep happily truckin’ on!

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Kanopi, White Plains Wedding – Two Cultures, one love

January 29, 2019

All weddings join two lives, but this one also joined two cultures. Mari and Aki are wine-tasting, marathon-running Americans but also heritage-loving Japanese. They met at NYU, and married a bit uptown, at White Plains’ modern light-filled Kanopi Restaurant atop the Ritz-Carlton tower. Shooting was a dream in the expansive windowed space, complete with winding staircase and sprawling views. We can’t take credit for introducing them, but we can for marrying them:  we referred them to the officiating judge!


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Blue Hill at Stone Barns Proposal / Fooling Francesca

October 1, 2018

How dreamy is a marriage proposal on an Italian seaside hill? That’s what Francesca expected on her upcoming trip to the Cinque Terre, but her fiancé had another hill in mind: Pocantico’s Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Watching her great surprise, we’re sure the day was just as dreamy. There was romance: an intimate dinner in the private dining room. There was weather: rain had just cleared. And there was that gorgeous new ring! The couple, who met dancing in a Bowery bar, will finally waltz off to Italy, where the ring will sparkle on that seaside hill.

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Brooklyn Waterfront Session

September 5, 2018

Leia and Jim – From office to official –  Until our own kids get married, we’re most sentimental when our friends’ kids do. Three years ago, it was our high school chum’s daughter, and in October, it’ll be his son, Jim. He met Leia at work four years ago, but it took a job change and a few more years for romance to blossom. And blossom it did, as the family photos here on the Brooklyn waterfront show: their adorable son will be the ring bearer at the wedding under vintage chandeliers at Manhattan’s 19thCentury venue, Harding’s. We’ll be bearing cameras and tissues for our tears!

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Harvest on Hudson Wedding

August 18, 2018

Candice and Tom – Clear skies ahead –

We hear online dating can be shady, but it proved sunny for Candice and Tom. Blue skies gleamed at their June wedding in Hastings’ Harvest-on-Hudson’s garden, the bride glowing in satin and lace. Ok, there were rain clouds threatening Tom’s mountaintop proposal at the Hudson Valley’s Breakneck Ridge, but even they held off in time for Candice to say yes. Surrounded by family and friends amidst Harvest’s blooms, we forecast continued marital sunshine!

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